• April 4, 2011

    Cleanup Assistant 2.0.1 release day. Added preview to duplicate finder, updated interactive charts interface, bug fixes.

  • March 18, 2011

    Cleanup Assistant 2.0 release day. CA underwent a complete redesign and over 15 new features have been added.

  • Cleans your computer by removing trash items,
  • finding duplicate files,
  • finding empty folders,
  • renaming files, searching & replacing text in files,
  • reporting and removing large applications.

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  • Draws pie charts for drive and folder usage, software usage and media usage.
  • Browseable : when clicking on a pie piece (subfolder), it redraws the chart for the selected item.
  • Possible to export charts to png, svg, animated gif, and pdf file formats.
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  • Manages large music libraries.
  • Easy music tagging system.
  • Find duplicate multimedia files.
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  • Securely removes files and folders.
  • Impossible to recover data after removal.
  • Securely wipes entire usb drives.
  • Protects your privacy by making it impossible to recover previously deleted files.
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  • Detailed information about your computer's hardware and software.
  • Let's you manage startup items, services and scheduled system tasks.
  • Returns detailed information about each installed startup item, service, or system task (filepath, description, product name, manufacturer, etc..)
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